In our download area you will find our main catalogue in German, English and French. In addition, you can download some brochures that provide you with more detailed information about various model series.

You can also download templates for labeling our name plates in this area. If you need further information about our products, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Downloads - Catalogues

Katalog DE
(13,6 MB)

Catalogue EN
(13,3 MB)

Catalogue FR
(6,7 MB)

Avantgarde DE
(1,1 MB)

Avantgarde EN
(1,1 MB)

Downloads - Accessories

Namensschild 21-134
(135 KB)

Lettering template
name plate 21-134
(134 KB)

Namensschild 21-255
(98 KB)

Lettering template
name plate 21-255
(131 KB)

Downloads - Others